First Time Rider Safety Video Memo and Video (First Time Rider Safety memo)

Buzzy the Bee School Bus Safety Rules for First Time Riders.

Buzzy the bee teaches the rules to Students riding the bus for the first time. This First Time Rider Safety Video teaches children and their families about how to cross the street safely, school bus riding rules, how to wait, ride, embark and disembark safely and what to do in the event of an emergency. A safety certificate is available after completion of the video.

 Busters Safety Badge for JK-3 and 4-8 Students

School Bus Safety rules and Behaviour expectations for Primary Students!

In this informative video, Buster the bus teaches students in JK-3 how to wait, ride and disembark from the school bus safely.

 School Bus Safety rules and Behaviour expectations for Junior Students!

 Soteria leads viewers through the Safety Rules for Grade's 4-8 students about how to wait, ride and disembark the bus safely. Soteria also shares important information about danger zones, how to sit properly and what to do in the event of an emergency.


 Student Transportation Services of York Region Safety Initiatives

Best Practices for safe JK-1 transportation

 Best Practices for JK-1 Transportation

School Bus Education Program

Student Transportation Services (STS) is committed to providing continued school bus safety education to ensure the well being of our students. To this end, STS and Intertrain Incorporated coordinate and deliver a mandatory School Bus Education Program at York Regionschools each year. The mandate of this program is to educate elementary students in grades JK-8 to safely ride and evacuate school vehicles in case of an emergency or accident.

Ministry of Transportation School Bus Safety

Please click on the following link to view school bus safety information prepared by the Ministry of Transportation.